Call for Proposals: International Conference on Distributed and Event-Based Systems in New Zealand

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The 12th ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event-Based Systems (DEBS 2018) in New Zealand has issued their Call for Proposals. The event takes place June 25-29 in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Over the past decade, the ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event‐Based Systems (DEBS) has become one of the leading venues for contributions in the fields of distributed and event‐based systems. The ACM DEBS conference provides a forum dedicated to the dissemination of original research, the discussion of practical insights, and the reporting of experiences relevant to distributed systems and event‐based computing. It brings together academia and industry to discuss innovative technology and exchange ideas.

The DEBS conference covers topics both in distributed and in event-based computing. The scope of the conference includes systems dealing with detecting, processing and responding to events and with massively distributed middleware and applications. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  1. Models, Architectures and Paradigms: Event-driven architectures, real-time analytics, complex event processing, event processing in big data, stream processing, rule-based systems, logic-based event recognition, event correlation and pattern languages.
  2. Middleware infrastructures: Distributed data processing, distributed programming, federated event-based systems, information-centric networking, fault tolerance, reliability, availability, and scalability, as well as cloud, peer-to-peer, ubiquitous and mobile computing.
  3. Applications, Experience and Requirements: Use cases and applications of distributed and event-based systems in various domains including internet of things, cyber-physical systems, sensor networks, network monitoring, online machine learning, online graph algorithms, smart cities, smart grids, finance, healthcare, transportation, and logistics. Also, relevant topics span enterprise-level computing, including enterprise application integration, real-time enterprises, event-based business process management, and support for enterprises to respond in timely fashion to changing situations.

Research Paper Submissions are due March 9, 2018.

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