One Stop Systems Launches Rack Scale GPU Accelerator System

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Today One Stop Systems expanded its line of rack scale NVIDIA GPU accelerator products with the introduction of GPUltima-CI.

Announced today at the 2018 GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in San Jose, Calif., GPUltima-CI features the flexibility of disaggregated composable infrastructure that increases GPU accelerator utilization in mixed workload datacenters. With composable infrastructure, unused GPU, storage and network resources from one application are automatically released to other resource-hungry applications on other server nodes resulting in increased resource utilization.

As the most flexible solution for mixed workload datacenters, with GPUltima-CI we once again deliver the most cutting-edge, high-power computing solution for customers worldwide,” said Steve Cooper, CEO of OSS. “GPUltima-CI’s composable infrastructure allows any node in the system access to a multitude of NVIDIA Volta GPUs and expansive storage resources.

The GPUltima-CI power-optimized rack can be configured with up to 32 dual Intel Xeon Scalable Architecture compute nodes, 64 network adapters, 48 NVIDIA Volta GPUs, and 32 NVMe drives on a 128Gb PCIe switched fabric, and can support tens of thousands of composable server configurations per rack. Using one or many racks, the OSS solution contains the necessary resources to compose any combination of GPU, NIC and storage resources as may be required in today’s mixed workload data center.

This flexibility will be invaluable to many HPC applications, like AI, deep learning, image processing and scientific modeling. GPUltima-CI makes the datacenter workload-centric, where the hardware truly adapts to the needs of applications, rather than applications trying to adapt to limited hardware.”

“This new OSS system uses the latest NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs, by far the most advanced data center GPUs ever built, to accelerate AI, HPC, and graphics,” said Paresh Kharya, Group Product Marketing Manager at NVIDIA. “OSS customers can now fully harness the power of our Volta architecture with GPUltima-CI.”

Advanced PCIe switched fabric forms the critical interconnect between resources in the GPUltima-CI. OSS partner, Liqid, provides the multi-port PCIe switch that features an Intel Xeon processor and runs Liqid’s composable infrastructure software.

We’re excited to join OSS in delivering industry-leading GPU and NVMe composable solutions that support a new level of resource availability across the data center,” said Liqid CEO, Sumit Puri. “Our technology platform allows users to manage, scale out, dynamically configure and automate physical, bare-metal server systems. Liqid and OSS enable the ability to treat GPUs as a disaggregated, shared resource for the first time. OSS expansion systems and Liqid Command Center software provide the infrastructure to meet the most demanding of HPC deployments.”

Visitors to GTC can view the GPUltima-CI in the OSS booth #406.

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