Job of the Week: Quantitative Software Engineer for High Frequency Trading

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Two Sigma Investments in New York is seeking a Quantitative Software Engineer for High Frequency Trading in our Job of the Week.

We are seeking leading software engineers to join our dynamic, fast-paced high frequency team. Equal parts code experts and mathematical thinkers, our quantitative software engineers bring together technical and analytical expertise to grapple with difficult computational and data-related problems directly and implement efficient and innovative solutions. Entailing a sophisticated knowledge of algorithms, statistics, and high-performance computing, this effort has attracted ACM programming competition finalists, Top Coder contenders, and other highly technical, competitive problem solvers.

High frequency quantitative software engineers are responsible for bringing our wealth of ideas to fruition by:

  • Leveraging expert knowledge of numerical algorithms, statistical models, grid computing, and other advanced technological methods;
  • Building the cutting-edge tools and engines used by our quantitative analysts and high frequency researchers.

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