Kubernetes as a Service Built on OpenStack

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Saverio Proto from SWITCH

In this video from the 2018 Swiss HPC Conference, Saverio Proto from SWITCH presents: Kubernetes as a Service Built on OpenStack.

“At SWITCH we are looking to provide a container platform as a Service solution. We are working on Kubernetes leveraging the Openstack cloud provider integration. In this talk we show how to re-use the existing keystone credentials to access the K8s cluster, how to obtain PVCs using the Cinder storage class and many other nice integration details.”

Saverio Proto is a Openstack Cloud Engineer at SWITCH. He works in NRENs since 2011, first in Italy and then in Switzerland. He has significant experience in running critical infrastructures using Open Source software. At SWITCH he works together with the Infrastructure & Data team, to deliver an Openstack based cloud to the Swiss Universities.

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