Video: Massive Galaxies and Black Holes at the Cosmic Dawn

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In this video from the Blue Waters 2018 Symposium, Tiziana DiMatteo from Carnegie Melon University presents: Massive Galaxies and Black Holes at the Cosmic Dawn.

“The first billion years is a pivotal time for cosmic structure formation. The galaxies and black holes that form then shape and influence all future generations of stars and black holes. Understanding and detecting the the first galaxies and black holes is therefore one of the main observational and theoretical challenges in galaxy formation.”

Tiziana Di Matteo is a pioneer in the study of the early universe, black holes and computer simulations of galaxy formation. Her simulations, which are among the largest to be completed, were the first to incorporate black hole physics. Her more than 40 peer-reviewed papers have received more than 1000 citations by other scientists. Her findings have been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Nature, The Astrophysics Journal and Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Di Matteo’s research has been featured in PBS’s NOVA, Astronomy Magazine, Science News, MSNBC Science and Technology and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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