Video Replay: HPC Inspires Plenary from SC18

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We are pleased to offer our readers a Livestream of the HPC Inspires Plenary from SC18 in Dallas. The event takes place at 5:00pm – 6:00pm Central Time on Nov. 12, 2018.

From solving the global food security crisis, to preventing epidemics and understanding the impact of environmental health on our urban centers; high performance computing is revolutionizing how we address and manage global crises. Simulation and modeling along with AI are being applied to some of our most challenging global threats and humanitarian crises. The SC18 plenary session will explore the capacity of HPC to help mitigate human suffering and advance our capacity to protect the most vulnerable, identify methods to produce enough food globally and ensure the safety of our planet and natural resources.

We encourage all HPC experts to join the discussion and be inspired to apply their expertise to these real world grand challenges:

  • Over the next two generations, we face an enormous human security challenge. We must adapt to rapid economic and climate change by creating a food system that provides adequate and appropriate nutrition for 9 billion people in a way that does not compromise the environment.
  • Infectious disease poses an ongoing threat to human populations, exacerbated by migration, urbanization and globalization dynamics. Many of the world’s epidemic diseases are known to be sensitive to climate. It is critical we have the ability to build accurate disease forecasting models for prevention.
  • Urbanization and population growth dynamics pose significant challenges to human health and safety. Analytical models of the interrelationship between transportation, air quality and other environmental conditions enable us to better understand risk but more importantly advance policies to mitigate impacts on the most vulnerable populations.

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