TYAN Storage Server Steps up with 10 NVMe Bays of High Performance Flash

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Last week at SC18, Tyan showcased their Thunder SX GT62H-B7106 storage product line featuringIntel Xeon Scalable processors, large memory capacity and NVMe connectivity for high performance software defined storage applications.

New data-intensive applications, such as analytics and deep learning are changing data processing workflows. Data centers need powerful storage architectures that can extract economic value by managing massive amounts of data efficiently,” said Danny Hsu, Vice President of MiTAC Computing Technology Corporation’s TYAN Business Unit.” The Thunder SX GT62H-B7106 is optimized for data center environment. The platform provides an outstanding foundation for all-flash storage by leveraging NVMe technology.”

The 1U Thunder SX GT62H-B7106 features dual-socket Intel Xeon Scalable processors, 16 DIMM slots, two low profile PCIe x16 slots, and 10 NVMe U.2 drives. This platform can fully address the high speed storage and large memory capacity and is ideal for high-performance data access and storage. In addition, the platform is very well balanced. Each CPU socket gets its own PCIe x16 slot as well as a handful of NVMe drives – One x16 and 4 NVMe bays for CPU0, and one x16 slot and 6 NVMe bays for CPU1. This balance allows for processes running on each CPU to have direct access to high speed networking and local NVMe storage, resulting in the fastest possible access times and the lowest possible latency.

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