Video: A Glimpse into the Future of I/O

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Sven Oehme is Chief Research Officer at DDN.

In this video from the DDN User Group at SC18, Sven Oehme from DDN presents: A Glimpse into the Future of I/O.

IME is DDN’s scale-out flash cache that is designed to accelerate applications beyond the capabilities of today’s file systems. IME manages I/O in an innovate way to avoid the bottlenecks and latencies of traditional I/O management and delivers the complete potential of flash all the way to connected applications. IME also features advanced data protection, flexible erasure coding and adaptive I/O routing, which together provide new levels of resilience and performance consistency.

Sven Oehme is Chief Research Officer at DDN. He began his career at IBM in 1993, and has worked in multiple disciplines over the last 25 years. From Linux Virtualization, and Storage Virtualization to Filesystems, Sven led the team driving most of the performance improvements on Spectrum Scale (GPFS) over the last 10 years. As part of the core architecture team, Sven was responsible for metadata, streaming IO and specific analytics optimizations. Sven joined DDN in 2018 as Chief Research Officer driving innovation across DDN’s existing and future product portfolio.

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