VMware Powers Machine Learning & HPC Workloads

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In this video from SC18 in Dallas, Ziv Kalminovich from VMware describes how the company’s powerful virtualization capabilities bring flexibility and performance to HPC workloads.

High Performance Computing workloads are forecasted to be one of the fastest-growing workload types through 2020. With VMware, you can capture the benefits of virtualization for HPC workloads while delivering performance that is comparable to bare-metal. Our approach to virtualizing HPC adds a level of flexibility, operational efficiency, agility and security that cannot be achieved in bare-metal environments—enabling faster time to insights and discovery.

What Virtualizing HPC Does:

  • Flexibility and Agility. Rapid provisioning of infrastructure on demand enables speedy iteration and scale-out—so you can spend more time attaining insights and less time on setup and retooling.
  • Reduced Complexity. Take advantage of the industry-leading virtualization platform that your IT already knows. Our broad ecosystem of technology partners can help bring value-added services such as backup, security analysis, firewall and operations management.
  • Operational Efficiency. Minimize setup and configuration time with centralized management capabilities. Simplify day-2 operations such as ongoing provisioning and infrastructure maintenance. Eliminate planned downtime through live migration.
  • Data Governance and Control of Sensitive Customer Information. Security isolation prevents VMs from seeing another VM’s data in the same cluster. Each VM can only access the virtual disk files that have been designated for it. This means increased VM and host security for you and your data.

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