Custom Atos Supercomputer to Speed Genome Analysis at CNAG-CRG in Barcelona

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Atos will soon deploy a Bull supercomputer at the Centro Nacional de Análisis Genómico (CNAG-CRG) in Barcelona for large-scale DNA sequencing and analysis. To support the vast process and calculation demands needed for this analysis, CNAG-CRG worked with Atos to build this custom-made analytics platform, which helps drive new insights ten times faster than its previous HPC system.

Atos helped us to set up a robust platform to conduct in-depth high-performance data analytics on genome sequences, which is the perfect complement to our outstanding sequencing platform”, stated Ivo Gut, CNAG-CRG Director.

The Atos supercomputer boosts CNAG-CRG’s supercomputing capacity, which contributes to positioning it as one of the top European centers in genome sequencing and one of the leading genomic research institutions in the world. It can now offer deeper and more complete genomic analysis to health organizations and research groups.

The CNAG-CRG is involved in large-scale sequencing projects. These are in areas as diverse as cancer genetics, rare diseases, host-pathogen interactions, preservation of endangered species, evolutionary studies and the improvement of agriculturally useful species. The center analyses more than 60 billion genomic bases every day and needs to perform fast and accurate analysis to efficiently process these vast volumes of data.

We are delighted to see our technology and expertise being deployed in such a critical area of science and contributing to a deeper analysis of genomes that will lead to significant improvements in people’s health and quality of life” said Pierre Barnabé, Chief Operating Officer, Big Data & Security at Atos.

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