XTREME-Stargate: The New Era of HPC Cloud Platforms

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IaaS platform

IaaS platform

Naoki Shibata, founder and CEO of XTREME-D

In this video from the 2019 Stanford HPC Conference, Naoki Shibata from XTREME-D presents: XTREME-Stargate: The New Era of HPC Cloud Platforms.

XTREME-D is an award-winning, funded Japanese startup whose mission is to make HPC cloud computing access easy, fast, efficient, and economical for every customer. The company recently introduced XTREME-Stargate, which was developed as a cloud-based bare-metal appliance specifically for high-performance computations, optimized for AI data analysis and conventional supercomputer usage. In this talk Naoki will present its features and highlight how its dashboard and HPC templates enable fast, simple, and effective access to Cloud computing for HPC users.

XTREME-D offerings include:

  • XTREME-Stargate IaaS. As a cloud-based bare-metal appliance specifically for HPC,XTREME-Stargate is optimized for AI data analysis, and conventional supercomputer usage. The design includes Intel CPUs, high-speed SSD, and high speed and low latency interconnect.
  • XTREME-Stargate Dashboard + HPC Templates. The front-end system seamlessly connects XTREME-Stargate IaaS and data I/O to users to enable the necessary HPC cloud services to be instantly deployed when needed. With advanced UI / UX, user management, and budget management functions, enterprise users can easily manage and operate their needed workloads. In addition, a number of HPC templates can be instantly created and enable AI data analysis environments to instantly deploy dedicated HPC cloud services. This technology is uniquely designed with HPC and AI workloads in mind, speeding implementation for both on-prem and cloud environments.
  • XTREME-Stargate HPC Gateway. As a Gateway appliance, this device connects the customer site to the cloud data center. It also enables secure data transfer. Early adopters can add this pre-release feature to their environment.
  • XTREME-Stargate Secure Data I/O. XTREME-Stargate Secure Data I/O is a dedicated multi-layered storage system implemented using the latest SSD technology and parallel file system enabling performance and ease of use. It supports high performance functions for AI workloads where large data analysis is essential and high-speed I/O required.

Naoki Shibata is CEO, Founder & High Performance Cloud Architect at XTREME-D. He has over 15 years of experience as an HPC Cloud Architect. His HPC career began as an x86-based HPC cluster engineer and benchmark engineer at COMPAQ (HP), and led him to comparable positions at Microsoft, IBM, and Cray Inc. Naoki oversaw x86-based supercomputing for manufacturing and Fintech at both HP and Microsoft. At Cray he was an HPC architect, where his experience focused on massive scale supercomputing for academia and government. Naoki founded XTREME-D. in 2015 and launched flagship product XTREME-DNA at Supercomputing in Salt Lake City in 2016.

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