Bo Ewald joins quantum computing firm ColdQuanta as CEO

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Bo Ewald

Today quantum computing startup ColdQuanta announced the appointment of Robert “Bo” Ewald as president and chief executive officer. Ewald is well-known in high technology having previously been president of supercomputing leader Cray Research, CEO of Silicon Graphics, and for the past six years, president of quantum computing company D-Wave International. Ewald is a frequent spokesperson about quantum computing and other technology areas, and he has served on many government and industrial committees, including the President’s Information Technology Advisory Committee. He has been on the board of directors of both private and public companies and will also join the board of ColdQuanta.

We are just now coming to the end of the beginning of quantum technology; it is time to accelerate the productization of quantum-enabled instruments and systems,” said Bo Ewald, president and CEO of ColdQuanta. “Governments around the world as well as academic and industry experts have recognized the economic and national security potential of quantum technology; witness the recent passage of the National Quantum Initiative in the U.S., along with similar programs in several other countries. With our expertise in cold-atom quantum devices and systems, ColdQuanta is uniquely positioned to deliver commercial technologies to customers looking for quantum capabilities in sensing, navigation, computing and communication.”

Founded in 2007, ColdQuanta is a well-established manufacturer of quantum components and instruments that address a broad spectrum of markets including quantum-based timekeeping, navigation and radio-frequency field sensing, as well as quantum communications, computing, and simulation. The company recently completed a $6.75M seed funding round to develop turnkey quantum products and technologies (see January 30, 2019 Press Release from ColdQuanta).

The growing industry and government recognition of the importance of quantum science and technology gives impetus for the company to focus on quantum-enabling our partners and customers,” said Dr. Dana Anderson, CTO for ColdQuanta. “With his experience at Cray, SGI and D-Wave, Bo has successfully navigated companies through the bleeding edge of technology several times before. I am thrilled to have Bo take ColdQuanta’s helm.”

We caught up with Bo recently, who shared some of reasons why he is so exited to move to ColdQuanta:

  • Great quantum technology that promises application from portable quantum
    sensing devices (Quantum Positioning System???) for a GPS denied environment
    to quantum communications and computing.
  • Very strong team that has pioneered the development and early application
    of cold atom (sometimes called neutral atom) technology.
  • The time is right with the passage of NQI and other quantum initiatives to
    continue the research phase, but most importantly to start productizing it
    – there are both civilian and government requirements for quantum-enabled
    devices and systems.

Previous CEO Dana Z. Anderson, Ph.D., ColdQuanta founder and professor of physics at the University of Colorado, will return to his role as the company’s chief technology officer. Dr. Anderson is well-known for his work in optical neural networks, the development of atom and optical-based inertial sensors, and key quantum-enabling technology, such as atom chip technology and miniature, high-performance cold and ultracold atom systems.

We are fortunate to have on board someone of Bo’s experience, technical caliber and dynamic leadership in quantum computing and technology,” said Timothy Day, executive chairman for ColdQuanta. “His hands-on experience leading research-based technology companies on the path from development to commercial product revenue is an ideal match for our team.”

This video shows the operation of ColdQuanta’s miniMOT kit, which uses lasers to cool atoms to 300 Microkelvin.

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