Lenovo HPC Clusters come to the Nimbix Cloud

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Today HPC cloud provider Nimbix announced a new strategic partnership with Lenovo Data Center Group (DCG).

Lenovo DCG and Nimbix have teamed up to deliver flexible, powerful solutions based on Lenovo HPC clusters and the Nimbix Cloud. By bringing together Lenovo’s supercomputing expertise with JARVICE, the purpose-built, container-based, bare metal HPC Cloud platform from Nimbix, customers can tailor their hardware and software resources to meet their business requirements, no matter how demanding.

We are excited to bring together Lenovo HPC clusters with Nimbix’s leading HPC Cloud to offer enterprises a powerful and complete solution for hybrid HPC and Deep Learning use cases,” said Steve Hebert, CEO of Nimbix.

Nimbix’s SaaS model allows Lenovo customers the ability to address peak HPC demand as well as unique hardware and application needs as part of HPC cluster sales. In addition to on-demand compute, Nimbix offers over 1,000 HPC applications and workflows through their Application Marketplace.

There are many use cases in which the Lenovo DCG and Nimbix partnership help solve every day HPC challenges; such as the growth of computational demand in every industry. Businesses are looking to run emerging workloads such as distributed deep learning training on multiple GPUs but often find these use cases do not justify GPU hardware purchases. Through the partnership between Lenovo and Nimbix, users can be sure to optimize their IT investment, buying the hardware they need for day-to-day use while turning to Nimbix for seasonal and peak utilization.

Since Nimbix offers a variety of Lenovo HPC platforms and configurations, customers can feel confident running their workloads in the Nimbix Cloud, enjoying the same performance and reliability they experience from their on-premise Lenovo HPC hardware. Nimbix also offers access to a number of other unique hardware configurations in their cloud environment including the NVIDIA DGX-1.

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