Submer SmartPodX Platform launches for OCP Immersion Cooling

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Today the European Submer startup announced that their latest SmartPod Immersion Cooling System conforms to both standard server formats and to Open Compute Project (OCP) specifications for high-performance, supercomputing, and hyperscale infrastructures – the SmartPodX.

The Open Compute Project exists to develop open standards that bring greater efficiency, scalability, openness, and positive impact to datacenters and hardware – making all of our lives better,” said Submer CEO Daniel Pope. “This makes the OCP Global Summit the perfect opportunity to launch our hyper-efficient SmartPodX that will power the next generation of high-performance servers and supercomputers that usher in the next wave of research and technical innovation.”

Technology leaders need to increase performance and lower costs to innovate and remain competitive. And reducing energy consumption and environmental impact have become moral and regulatory imperatives. Submer Immersion Cooling addresses these issues by thinking outside the server box – devising an innovative line of horizontal racks that fully immerse computers and servers in a proprietary dielectric liquid that is safe, environmentally-friendly, and delivers order of magnitude increases in efficiency over forced-air cooling, including:

  • Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratios of 1.03 or better – 25x to 30x more efficient
  • Compute densities exceeding 100 kW – 10x to 20x higher per rack footprint
  • IT Hardware lifespan increase of 20% to 50%

At the 2019 OCP Global Summit, Submer will demonstrate this new line of immersion cooling SmartPods designed for high-performance supercomputers built to the latest OCP specifications. These innovative cooling solutions will allow the creation of the world’s first GREEN supercomputers and hyperscale environments.

In this video, Diarmuid Daltún from Submer describes the Immersion Cooling market, how it will evolve, and the role Submer will have as a leading actor in this transition from air to liquid cooling.

Submer will have working demonstrations of the new supercomputing SmartPodX at the 2019 OCP Global Summit 2019, in San José, March 14-15.

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