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Long Live Posix – HPC Storage and the HPC Datacenter

Robert Triendlt is Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing, and Field Services at DDN.

In this video from the Swiss HPC Conference, Robert Triendly from DDN presents: Long Live Posix – HPC Storage and the HPC Datacenter.

The Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) is a family of standards specified by the IEEE Computer Society for maintaining compatibility between operating systems. Since it was developed over 30 years ago, storage has changed dramatically. To improve the IO performance of applications, many users have called for the relaxation in POSIX IO that could lead to the development of new storage mechanisms to improve not only application performance, but management, reliability, portability, and scalability.

As cited in the presentation, here is Bent’s Law for HPC Storage:

  • The future is bright and mostly as we predicted it
  • Don’t be scared of POSIX; but embrace relaxations
  • Don’t be scared of tiering; but embrace relaxations

Robert Triendl is Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing, and Field Services at DDN. Since joining DDN, Robert has held leadership positions of increasing responsibility in DDN’s international operations, ranging from General Manager for DDN Japan’s operation to Senior Vice President overseeing international sales and support. He is known for sustained and predictable revenue growth, the ability to recruit and build a strong technical team, and an uncompromising focus on customer satisfaction. Prior to working with DDN, Robert spent a decade as a consultant in the research and technology sector, mainly supporting customers in Europe and Japan.

A native of Austria, Robert holds a master’s degree in mathematics and music from the University of Innsbruck.

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