Video: New AI Hardware and Trends

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In this video from the HPC User Forum, Alex Norton from Hyperion Research presents: New AI Hardware and Trends.

This presentation will highlight some of the trends in emerging technologies associated with the AI ecosystem.

  • Much of the information in this presentation is broad trends of the overall market in terms of the emerging technology trends.
  • There will also be a few highlights of interesting technologies being produced and incorporated into the ecosystem.

Hyperion’s High-Performance Data Analysis service analyzes the emerging market for high-performance data analysis (HPDA). This is for simulation-based and analytics-based data analysis complex and is time-critical enough to require the use of high-performance computing (HPC) methods and resources — on premises and/or in the cloud.

Alex Norton helps drive research in all areas of the HPC market worldwide. His major focus includes clouds, as well as emerging technologies. He utilizes his background in applied mathematics to provide deeper analysis on the HPC data.

Specifically Mr. Norton focuses on:

  • HPC and clouds
  • Special Studies
  • Data analysis for research
  • Emerging technologies

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