3 Ways to Unlock the Power of HPC and AI

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hpc and AI

In this sponsored post, Bill Mannel, VP & GM HPC & AI Solutions Segment at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, walks readers through three strategies to ensure HPC and AI success. 

hpc and AI

Bill Mannel, VP & GM – HPC Segment Solutions and Apollo Servers, Data Center Infrastructure Group, HPE

A growing number of commercial businesses are implementing HPC solutions to derive actionable business insights, to run higher performance applications and to gain a competitive advantage. In fact, according to Hyperion Research, the HPC market exceeded expectations with 6.8% growth in 2018 with continued growth expected through 2023.1

I think we can all agree that the complexities abound as high-performance computing (HPC) becomes more pervasive across industries and markets, especially as companies adopt, scale, and optimize both HPC and Artificial Intelligence (AI) workloads.

HPE and our global partners, such as Intel, collaborate, build, validate, and deliver software and hardware solutions that enable you to accelerate compute in the way that works best for your infrastructure and application choices.

  1. HPC infrastructure that’s ready to deploy quickly and confidently

HPC is focused on accelerating the time to insights. Increasing the performance of highly parallel HPC applications is about scalability across compute nodes, not just algorithmic efficiency. HPE Apollo and HPE SGI systems based on the 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors deliver high performance for a range of HPC applications scaled beyond four nodes.

High performance computing and artificial intelligence tools will continue to enhance broader capabilities in the next decade, enabling you to leverage new compute, storage and communication tools.

HPE and Intel based systems offer outstanding performance with a unique combination of compute, compute density, memory bandwidth, balanced I/O, platform technologies, and real-world performance powering the most compelling platforms available for HPC today.

  1. Cutting-edge solutions for AI workloads

Successful AI depends on having solutions that can scale and adapt across workloads and as work evolves. HPE offers a comprehensive portfolio of hardware, software, and services built on a proven global AI ecosystem, ideal for strategic planning and performance optimization, and synchronized to adapt to your specific needs.

For example, HPE partnered with Intel in the development of the 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, and takes advantage of innovations such as Intel Deep Learning Boost (Intel DL Boost)to accelerate AI applications in select HPE Apollo and HPE SGI systems. With the new Intel DL Boost, you can easily run HPC, AI, and data analytics workloads on the same system without needing to support separate hardware clusters for each workload.

  1. Service options for better business outcomes

Explore, experiment and evolve your HPC and AI projects with HPE Pointnext Services. You can get started with a one-day strategic workshop, or you can pilot your use case such as prescriptive maintenance for asset management, image-based quality assurance, autonomous cars or natural language processing.

HPE GreenLake also delivers a pay-per-use high-performance compute experience on-premises. You can design you own HPC infrastructure solutions, selecting from a broad range of HPE and partner technologies, as well as optional services that can span your infrastructure, apps and workloads.

High performance computing and artificial intelligence tools will continue to enhance broader capabilities in the next decade, enabling you to leverage new compute, storage and communication tools. Organizations like yours will be able to use HPC and AI tools to mine and analyze business data, create customized profiles for customers, or optimize logistics and manage assets.

It’s a complex and rapidly evolving marriage of technologies.

You need an experienced and reliable partner and guide who has the technology expertise to be your business partner. You can look, with confidence, to HPE to deliver the high performance computing products and knowledge gained from years of experience, that makes supercomputing more accessible and affordable for all industries, and organizations of all sizes.

For more information, please check out the white paper and “Dummies Guide”, DEEP LEARNING & MACHINE LEARNING SOLUTIONS, and this article on HPCWire regarding the Deep Learning “boost”.

Hyperion Research Quick Take: HPC Server Market Beats Forecast for Full-Year 2018, April 2019