Large-Scale Optimization Strategies for Typical HPC Workloads

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Yu Liu from Inspur

In this video from PASC 2019, Liu Yu from Inspur presents: Large-Scale Optimization Strategies for Typical HPC Workloads.

Ensuring performance of applications running on large-scale clusters is one of the primary focuses in HPC research. In this talk, we will show our strategies on performance analysis and optimization for applications in different fields of research using large-scale HPC clusters. Our strategies are designed to comprehensively analyze runtime features of applications, parallel mode of the physical model, algorithm implementation and other technical details. This three levels of strategy covers platform optimization, technological innovation, and model innovation, and targeted optimization based on these features. State-of-the-art CPU instructions, network communication and other modules, and innovative parallel mode of some applications have been optimized. After optimization, it is expected that these applications will outperform their non-optimized counterparts with obvious increase in performance.”

Dr. Liu Yu is the Head of the HPC Application Support Team at Inspur. Since joining Inspur, he and his team have engaged primarily in the optimization and acceleration of large-scale scientific computing applications in the fields of meteorology, oceanography, climatology, physics, life sciences and chemistry. At Inspur, he has designed and developed the in-house software package “Teye” for monitoring and analyzing characteristics of HPC applications. In addition, he has refined and deepened the Inspur HPC application characterstics analysis method and also extracted a methodology for profiling computational science applications from perspectives of theory and algorithm. He and his team have been involved in the design and optimization of the core codes and algorithms for a number of research projects in to multi-disciplinary computational science. Dr. Liu received his PhD in Condensed Matter Physics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2011.

PASC20 takes place June 29 to July 1, 2020 in Geneva, Switzerland.

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