Video: Dr. Michela Taufer sets the stage for SC19 with ‘HPC is Now’

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In this video, Dr. Michela Taufer from the University of Tennessee describes her experiences at the recent PASC19 conference in Zurich.

After that she previews SC19, which is coming up Nov 17-22 in Denver. As General Chair of the conference, Michela chose the theme of the show to be: HPC is Now.

Big data. Machine learning. Sensor networks. Ubiquitous computing. These advanced technologies are commonplace today, transforming our lives in countless ways. But just thirty years ago, they were simply big ideas, the futuristic concepts that HPC researchers, scientists and engineers were just beginning to advance. The annual SC conference is where those theories and hopes were shared, as well as our discoveries and failures along the way.

SC is still a place to share new and futuristic ideas, but our plenary sessions, panels, papers and conversations, aren’t just about the future anymore. They’re about what’s happening in the world of HPC today. Because … HPC is Now. That’s the theme of SC19 in Denver next November, and I believe it perfectly captures the state of this exciting field.

HPC isn’t just a glimpse ahead into what will be achievable in the future. HPC touches, augments and improves lives everywhere today. Right now. Just look what HPC is doing in many fields: Precision farming and weather forecasting. Medicine and meteorology. Smartphones and ecommerce. HPC enhances and enables our fast-paced lives. Today, the scientists, engineers and researchers who built tools and applications on the world’s fastest machines just a few years ago are seeing the tools they honed applied by others to solve the world’s greatest challenges.”

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