Podcast: Reducing Complexity with Cluster Management from Bright Computing

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Lee Carter is VP – W/W Alliances at Bright Computing.

In this Conversations in the Cloud podcast, Lee Carter from Bright Computing offers comprehensive software for deploying, managing, and monitoring clustered infrastructure, in the data center or the cloud.

Lee discusses how the Bright Cluster Manager Software provides infrastructure tools to help customers reduce complexity, understand their cluster, and manage servers as a single resource. Bright Cluster Manager Software offers a full suite of solutions and support through the cluster infrastructure lifecycle. In the past, cluster infrastructure management tools were largely used by HPC. Lee notes that the industry is now seeing a trend of adoption by AI, container-based, and cloud (on-premise and public) workloads.

Bright Computing relies on Intel Select Solutions to provide a proven set of tools and technologies that enable customers to setup infrastructure that is more reliable. Used together, the Bright Cluster Manager Software allows users to quickly configure and deploy Intel Select Solutions for Simulation & Modeling.

As the conversation continues, Lee reflects on 10 years working with Intel, from early days in the cluster ready program, to large-scale projects such as bringing the Korean Supercomputing Center online. Looking forward, Lee speculates that the future of AI will see new technologies like autonomous cars using complex simulation and modeling in small scale systems, continuing the legacy of HPC.

Explore the Intel Select Solutions for Simulation & Modeling, and other performance optimized configurations at www.intel.com/selectsolutions.

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