Supercomputing and the Scientist: How HPC and Analytics are transforming experimental science

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In this video from DataTech19, Debbie Bard from NERSC presents: Supercomputing and the scientist: How HPC and large-scale data analytics are transforming experimental science.

Debbie Bard leads the Data Science Engagement Group NERSC. NERSC is the mission supercomputing center for the USA Department of Energy, and supports over 7000 scientists and 700 projects with supercomputing needs. A native of the UK, her career spans research in particle physics, cosmology and computing on both sides of the Atlantic. She obtained her PhD at Edinburgh University, and has worked at Imperial College London as well as the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) in the USA, before joining the Data Department at NERSC, where she focuses on data-intensive computing and research, including supercomputing for experimental science and machine learning at scale.

The newest event of the DataFest family, DataTech aims to bring together members of industry, the public sector, and academia for technical presentations and discussions of important topics in data science, to share technical expertise, and engage in networking and collaboration. The conference also serves as a forum to share emerging research in data science. Together we can help make Scotland the global centre of data.

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