Run Quantum Codes today with QC Ware Public Beta of Forge

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Today quantum startup QC Ware launched the public beta of its Forge cloud service. QC Ware developed Forge to enable large enterprises and public-sector organizations to start building quantum skills and prepare for the potential disruption that quantum computing will bring to the market.

Forge allows enterprise users with no presumed quantum computing expertise to run problems on a wide range of quantum computing hardware platforms and simulators. Forge users can access end-to-end implementations of proprietary and open-source algorithms for binary optimization, chemistry simulation, and machine learning.

Practical quantum advantage will occur. Most experts agree that it’s a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if.’ The way to pull that horizon closer is by having the user community fully engaged in quantum computing application discovery. The objective of Forge is to allow those users to access the full range of quantum computing resources through a single platform,” said Matt Johnson, CEO, QC Ware. “To assist our customers in that exploration, we are spending all of our cycles working on ways to squeeze as much power as possible out of near-term quantum computers, and to bake those methods into Forge.”

Forge provides two key features that distinguish it from current market offerings:

  • It enables users to call high-level algorithms on top of what quantum computing hardware vendors offer in their software development kits
  • It integrates a wide variety of quantum computing hardware chips and software simulators. Users can easily target these backends to run their problems

QC Ware Forge opens access to:

  • High-level algorithms for binary optimization, chemistry simulation, and machine learning
  • End-to-end solutions for specific industry problems
  • Proprietary tools that accelerate solution times and accommodate expanded datasets
  • Quantum computing hardware: D-Wave
  • Open-source simulators provisioned by Google and IBM

The QC Ware Forge roadmap includes the following features:

  • Integration to the IBM hardware and Rigetti quantum chip and simulator
  • Integration to the Microsoft simulator
  • Additional high-level algorithms for binary optimization and machine learning
  • Expanded functionality of the end-to-end approaches for chemistry simulation

Users signing up for the QC Ware Forge public beta will receive 30 days and 1 minute of Quantum Computing Time (QCT) to evaluate the platform. Beyond the initial 30-day evaluation phase, users can purchase either a commercial or an enterprise subscription, and consume QCT on any of the algorithms and backends available on the platform. To sign up for the QC Ware Forge public beta, go to

Although the bulk of mindshare in the recent past has been on quantum computing hardware, QC Ware has been concentrating their efforts on the development of new quantum algorithms and related quantum computing-based applications,” said Bob Sorensen, Chief Analyst for Quantum Computing at Hyperion Research. “By providing enterprises the ability to explore and test new algorithms on a range of commercially available quantum computing hardware, QC Ware Forge is enabling users across a wide range of verticals the ability to deploy near-term quantum-based applications on the hardware of their choice. The ability to use such quantum computing-based applications in the near term could lead to significant competitive advantage.”

About QC Ware

QC Ware is a quantum computing-as-a-service company building enterprise solutions that run on quantum computing hardware.The company’s objective is to make quantum computing easily accessible to classically-trained data scientists and to offer performance speed-ups on near-term hardware. QC Ware is working towards that goal with one of the world’s strongest teams of quantum algorithms scientists. Based in Palo Alto, the company recently opened an office in Paris and plans to launch its Tokyo office in 2020.

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