Video: Arm as a Viable Architecture for HPC & AI

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In this video from the 2019 UK HPC Conference, Dr. Oliver Perks from Arm presents: Arm as a Viable Architecture for HPC & AI.

In the past two years Arm has transitioned from being a novelty research project for HPC to a viable candidate for large scale procurements. Through the advent of competitive processors, such as the Marvell ThunderX2, Arm is being taking increasingly seriously as an alternative to traditional X86 based supercomputers. Whilst the novelty lies within the architectural design, the most significant body of work has taken place in the ecosystem and applications space, ensuing a smooth transition for production scientific workloads. In this talk we will present the current status of Arm in HPC and scientific computing, and what to expect from future generations of Arm based processors. Additionally, we will cover the best practices for the adoption of Arm technology in a production HPC setting.

Oliver Perks is a Staff Field Application Engineer at Arm.

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