Enabling Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with IBM Spectrum Scale

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Doug O’Flaherty, IBM

In this video, Doug O’Flaherty from IBM describes how Spectrum Scale Storage (GPFS) helps Oracle Cloud Infrastructure delivers high performance for HPC applications.

Enterprises and organizations are creating, analyzing and keeping more data than ever before. Those that can deliver insights faster while managing rapid infrastructure growth are the leaders in their industry. In delivering those insights, an organization’s underlying storage must support new-era big data and artificial intelligence workloads along with traditional applications while ensuring security, reliability and high performance. IBM Spectrum Scale meets these challenges as a high-performance solution for managing data at scale with the distinctive ability to perform archive and analytics in place.”

Doug O’Flaherty is Director of IBM Storage Product Marketing. He came to IBM with a background that includes several start-ups, a few publicly traded companies and a handful of open source projects. His focus has been on introducing new technology into the marketplace, including x86-64, online game rentals, Linux, and parallel-NFS. An advocate of Lean methodologies, Douglas brings expertise with experience in cloud, product management, go-to-market strategy, product marketing, and enterprise software development. A graduate of Yale University in Physics and a former member of IASTE Local 1 and USA 829, he lives near Boston and hopes you don’t hold that against him. Douglas has lived on four continents; worked professionally in three. His only wish would be to speak fluently in something aside from English, but he still practices his Spanish whenever he can.

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