SC19 to Host BoF Meeting on Americas HPC Collaboration

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SC19 will host a BoF Meeting on Americas HPC Collaboration. This third BoF Americas HPC Collaboration seeks to showcase collaboration opportunities and experiences between different HPC Networks and Laboratories from countries of the American continent.

The goal of this BoF is to show the current state of the art in continental collaboration in HPC, latest developments of regional collaborative networks and, to update the roadmap for the next two years for the Americas HPC partnerships.

The BoF Americas HPC Collaboration seeks to present different collaboration experiences between Institutes, Supercomputing Centers, Laboratories, Research Groups and Networks such as XSEDE, Compute Canada, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, Bridges, etc. with their different peers in Latin America such as SCALAC, RICAP, Brazilian Scientific Computing National Laboratory; CINVESTAV-Abacus, Mexico, National Laboratory for High Performance, Chile; Advanced Computing Center, Colombia and more. This BoF will also present the state of the art of continental collaboration in HPC, discuss current and future regional perspectives and interchange practices that address common problems and challenges.

Time: Tuesday, Nov. 19, 5:15pm – 6:45pm
Location: Room 607

There were approximately fifty participants in SC15 and SC17, including attendants from non profit organizations, academia and industry. For SC19 we expect the same amount of participation.

Expected outcomes:

  • First, build on top of our previous discussions at SC’15 and SC’17 an official Americas HPC Partnership, in behalf of the interest shown by XSEDE, ComputeCanada and SCALAC (with the support of RedCLARA). We will also include the participation and feedback provided by researchers from Leadership Computing Facilities at ORNL and ANL, influencers from regional academic networks, leaders of laboratories and centers and industrial partners.
  • Second, we will evaluate the collaborations of the last two years, and finally, define a new Americas HPC Partnership roadmap for the next two years.


Registration is now open for SC19, which takes place Nov. 17-22 in Denver.

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