VMware to add BitFusion GPU Virtualization to HPC Capabilities

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In this video from SC19, Mohan Potheri from VMware describes how virtualization makes HPC users more productive.

High Performance Computing workloads are forecasted to be one of the fastest-growing workload types through 2020. With VMware, you can capture the benefits of virtualization for HPC workloads while delivering performance that is comparable to bare-metal. Our approach to virtualizing HPC adds a level of flexibility, operational efficiency, agility and security that cannot be achieved in bare-metal environments—enabling faster time to insights and discovery.”

In August 2019, VMware acquired BitFusion, a pioneer in the virtualization of hardware accelerated devices with a strong focus on GPU technology. BitFusion offers a software platform that decouples specific physical resources from the servers they are attached to in the environment. The acquisition of BitFusion will bolster VMware’s strategy of supporting AI- and ML-based workloads by virtualizing hardware accelerators. These accelerators can be used regardless of location in the environment – on-premises and/or in the cloud.

Mohan Potheri has more than 20 years in IT infrastructure, with in depth experience on VMWARE virtualization. He currently focuses on evangelization of “Business Critical Applications (BCA)” and “Big Data” Virtualization on vSphere. He has extensive experience with business critical applications such as SAP, Oracle, SQL and Java across UNIX, Linux and Windows environments. Mohan Potheri is an expert on SAP virtualization and has been a speaker in multiple VMWORLD and PEX events. Prior to VMWARE, Mohan worked at many large enterprises where he has engineered fully virtualized ERP and business critical applications. He has planned, designed, implemented and managed robust highly available, DR compliant SAP on Oracle environments in UNIX and x86 environments.

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