NGD Systems Steps up with Arm Processors on SSDs at SC19

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In this video from the Arm booth at SC19, Scott Shadley from NGD Systems describes the company’s innovative computational storage technology.

In a nutshell, Computational Storage is an IT architecture where data is processed at the storage device level to reduce the amount of data that has to move between the storage and compute planes. As such, the technology provides a faster and more efficient means to address the unique challenges of our data-heavy world – satisfying reduced excess bandwidth and providing very low latency response times by reducing data movement and allowing response for analytics as much as 20 to 40-times faster.”

NGD Systems has spent the last six years developing and deploying solutions that solve customer data storage issues by radically reducing the data movement required to analyze mass data sets and the strain on customer infrastructure.

Since achieving its first patent in August 2014, NGD has gone on to create the storage industry’s most innovative technology, including the largest capacity and most power-efficient NVMe Computational Storage Drives (CSDs). The world’s most advanced CSDs, enable customers by delivering compute resources to the stored data. These NVMe Solid State Drive (SSD) based products dramatically reduce both latency and the power required to deliver results and value from massive data sets nearly instantly. Customers can derive meaningful answers more effectively with applications, such as Hadoop or AI related needs, in near real-time, based on their customer-facing service level agreements (SLA), without having to add acceleration specific hardware.”

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