Nortek Builds First StatePoint Liquid Cooling System

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Today Nortek Air Solutions celebrated the completion of its first manufactured StatePoint Liquid Cooling (SPLC) system, billed as “The World’s First Sustainable Data Center Cooling Technology.” SPLC technology was co-developed through a partnership with Facebook.

StatePoint Liquid Cooling provides a data center cooling option that facilitates our ‘To Create a Better Tomorrow Every Day’ mission by reducing carbon emissions and water consumption versus other digital environment HVAC methods,” said Bruno Biasiotta, CEO, Nortek Air Solutions, who signed the first manufactured SPLC system with other attending NAS executives. “HVAC equipment is expected to increase the world’s carbon emissions from today’s 15-percent to 25-percent by 2030. Water is also a precious commodity that is limited supply. Therefore, StatePoint is an HVAC solution that will ultimately promote a conscientious stewardship of our planet.”

NAS and Facebook began developing the SPLC technology in 2015. NAS recently modernized and retooled the Oklahoma City plant with a $15-million investment to manufacture SPLC systems.

The key to the SPLC’s patented design is a microporous membrane exchanger that is hydrophobic and highly resilient to scale formation. Evaporation through the membrane creates a liquid-to-air heat exchanger that cools water without cross-contamination between the water and air streams. The resulting chilled water can supply a variety of cooling distribution methodologies including fan coil walls, CRAH, hot aisle enclosures, rear door heat exchangers, chip cooling and cold plates.

The SPLC will further position NAS as the dominant manufacturer in data center cooling technology, which also includes ServerCool™ liquid cooling products, such as rear door heat exchangers (ADHX) and coolant distribution units (CDU).

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