One Stop Systems does AI on the Fly at SC19

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In this video from SC19, Jaan Mannik from One Stop Systems describes how the company delivers “AI on the Fly.”

AI on the Fly puts computing and storage resources for the entire AI workflow, not in the datacenter, but on the edge near the sources of data. Applications are emerging for this new AI paradigm in diverse areas including autonomous vehicles, predictive personalized medicine, battlefield command and control, and industrial automation. The common elements of these solutions are high data rate acquisition, high speed low latency storage and efficient high performance AI training and inference computing. All of these building block elements are connected seamlessly with memory mapped PCI Express system, interconnected and customized as appropriate, to meet the specific environmental requirements of ‘in the field’ installations.

AI on the Fly solutions are different than traditional datacenter centric AI infrastructure, as they must deploy in harsh and rugged environments. The solutions must meet unique criteria for shock and vibration, redundancy, large operating temperature, altitude ranges and uninterrupted power sources. Few companies have the expertise across all the technologies required for designing and delivering tightly integrated ‘AI on the Fly’ platforms.”

OSS is a custom manufacturer of specialized high performance computing systems for industries that are showing the largest proliferation of use cases for AI on the Fly systems. These industries include:

  • Deep Learning
  • Transportation
  • Security
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Media & Entertainment

These edge applications have unique requirements over traditional embedded computing. There is no compromise possible in delivering high performance while maintaining efficient space, weight and power. Delivering the high performance required in edge applications necessitates PCIe interconnectivity providing the fast data highway between high speed processors, NVMe storage and compute accelerators using GPUs or application specific FPGAs. AI on the Fly high performance applications will naturally demand this capability on the edge. Additionally, these solutions often require unique space and power saving form factors and specialized rugged enclosures.

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