2020 Stanford HPC Conference Video Gallery

Welcome to the Stanford HPC Conference Digital Experience





  • On-Demand HPC/AI with UberCloud and VMware, Thomas Francis and Mohan Potheri from VMware * Video * Slides





  • A Journey in High Performance AI: Evolving Cyberinfrastructure, Democratizing Data, and Scaling AI to Catalyze Breakthroughs in Research, Nick Nystrom and Paola Buitrago, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Carnegie Mellon University * Video * Slides


  • How to Achieve High-Performance, Scalable and Distributed DNN Training on Modern HPC Systems? DK Panda, The Ohio State University * Video * Slides


  • Supercomputing for the Masses ~ Building an AI System with IBM Power9 and NVIDIA GPUs, Caetano Melone, Stanford High Performance Computing Center * Video * Slides


  • The Incorporation of Machine Learning into Scientific Simulations at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Katie Lewis, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory * Video * Slides  


  • HPC and AI Market Update, Addison Snell, Intersect360 Research * Video  * Slides


  • Interview with Dan Stanzione, Director, Texas Advanced Computing Center * Video
  • Interview with Dellarontay Readus, Stanford University * Video
  • Interview with Sophie Opferman, Stanford University * Video