Video: Evolving Cyberinfrastructure, Democratizing Data, and Scaling AI to Catalyze Research Breakthroughs

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Nick Nystrom from PSC

In this video from the Stanford HPC Conference, Nick Nystrom and Paola Buitrago provide an update from the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.

The Artificial Intelligence and Big Data group at Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center converges Artificial Intelligence and high performance computing capabilities, empowering research to grow beyond prevailing constraints. The Bridges supercomputer is a uniquely capable resource for empowering research by bringing together HPC, AI and Big Data. It is designed to support familiar, convenient software and environments for both traditional and non-traditional HPC users. Its richly connected set of interacting systems offers exceptional flexibility for data analytics, simulation, workflows and gateways, leveraging interactivity, parallel computing, Spark and Hadoop.

Nick Nystrom is Chief Scientist at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC). Nick is architect and PI for Bridges, PSC’s flagship system that successfully pioneered the convergence of HPC, AI, and Big Data. He is also PI for the NIH Human Biomolecular Atlas Program’s HIVE Infrastructure Component and co-PI for projects that bring emerging AI technologies to research (Open Compass), apply machine learning to biomedical data for breast and lung cancer (Big Data for Better Health), and identify causal relationships in biomedical big data (the Center for Causal Discovery, an NIH Big Data to Knowledge Center of Excellence). His current research interests include hardware and software architecture, applications of machine learning to multimodal data (particularly for the life sciences) and to enhance simulation, and graph analytics.

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