Call for Papers: HPC Saudi Conference

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The HPC Saudi Conference has issued its Call for Papers. Taking place March 17-19 in Riyadh, HPC Saudi enables participants from academia, industry, and government come together to share ideas and experiences, and discuss cooperation and collaboration, to advance the cutting edge in HPC, nationally and beyond.

This is the 10th HPC Saudi event and this year it will focus on the themes related to the convergence of HPC with big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and IoT. A particular focus is to explore the future HPC technologies in the era of ubiquitous smart computing, such as big data analytics leveraging edge, fog, cloud, and distributed computing for low-latency smart sensing and actor applications. Such technologies will play fundamental role in shaping the future of HPC, and our planet, as we move towards the smart era embracing smarter cities and societies. This becomes particularly important with many grand smart city projects worldwide such as the NEOM city supported by $500 billion from the Saudi government under Saudi Vision 2030.

Conference topics include:

  • Smarter HPC Infrastructure
  • HPC Architectures
  • HPC Algorithms
  • HPC Programming Models
  • Heterogeneous HPC
  • HPC Accelerators including GPU, FPGs, and MIC
  • HPC Memories and CPUs
  • HPC Hardware
  • HPC Software
  • HPC Storage
  • Energy efficiency in HPC
  • Networks for HPC
  • Data Locality
  • Fault Tolerance
  • HPC and Data Programming Models
  • HPC Software and Hardware Gap
  • Exascale Computing
  • Convergence of HPC, Big Data, AI, and/or IoT
  • HPC Resource Management
  • HPC Scheduling
  • HPC Scalability
  • HPC and Cloud Computing
  • HPC in Edge and Fog Computing
  • Low-Latency Design in HPC
  • HPC and Distributed Computing
  • HPC and Ubiquitous Computing
  • HPC and Data Visualization
  • HPC Applications
  • HPC and Virtual Reality
  • HPC for Smart Buildings and Homes
  • HPC for Smart Cities and Societies
  • HPC for Smarter Planet
  • HPC for Transportation and Logistics
  • HPC for Healthcare
  • HPC and Industry 4.0
  • HPC in Smart Energy Grids

Submissions are due February 15, 2020.

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