NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD: Instant Infrastructure for AI Leadership

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Darrin Johnson is Global Director of Technical Marketing at NVIDIA.

In this video from the DDN User Group at SC19, Darrin Johnson from NVIDIA presents: NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD: Instant Infrastructure for AI Leadership.

The NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD is a first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence (AI) supercomputing infrastructure that delivers groundbreaking performance, deploys in weeks as a fully integrated system, and is designed to solve the world’s most challenging AI problems. Increasingly complex AI models and larger data sizes demand powerful supercomputers to support the iteration speed and time-to-train required to fuel innovation.

The DGX SuperPOD reference architecture is based on 64 DGX-2 systems, Mellanox InfiniBand networking, DGX POD certified storage, and NVIDIA GPU Cloud optimized software. The design also includes mechanical, power, and cooling options for both compute room air handler and rear door heat exchanger facilities.

DGX SuperPOD with DDN Storage

It takes more than just a large GPU cluster to achieve the best performance across a variety of model types. To build a flexible system capable of running a multitude of DL applications at scale, organizations need a well-balanced system which at a minimum incorporates:

  • A low-latency, high-bandwidth, network interconnect designed with the capacity and topology to minimize bottlenecks.
  • A storage hierarchy that can provide maximum performance for the various dataset structure needs

The DGX SuperPOD tackles data with peerless performance for a supercomputer its size.

Meeting the massive demands of emerging large-scale AI initiatives requires compute, networking and storage infrastructure that exceeds architectures historically available to most commercial organizations,” said James Coomer, senior vice president of products at DDN. “Through DDN’s extensive development work and testing with NVIDIA and their DGX SuperPOD, we have demonstrated that it is now possible to shorten supercomputing-like deployments from weeks to days and deliver infrastructure and capabilities that are also rock solid and easy to manage, monitor and support. When combined with DDN’s A3I data management solutions, NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD creates a real competitive advantage for customers looking to deploy AI at scale.”

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