Advanced Clustering now offering Intel Cascade Lake Refresh Processors

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Intel at SC18

Intel at SC18Today Advanced Clustering Technologies announced that the company is now integrating Intel’s new Cascade Lake Refresh (CLX-R) processor into its line of HPC ACTblade and ACTserv clusters and ACTstation workstations.

CLX-R is an advancement over the existing second generation Intel Xeon Scalable processor (code named Cascade Lake or CLX). These new Intel processors offer enhanced power and value for high performance, mainstream and entry level applications at a similar or lower price than original second generation processors.

With this new series of processors, Intel again makes is possible for us to offer our customers better performance per dollar than the previous generation, and that’s exciting,” said Kyle Sheumaker, President and CTO of Advanced Clustering Technologies. “It helps us continue to offer the best balance between price and performance to our customers.”

Pricing for the new servers amounts to a 60% reduction in per-core pricing. According to Intel, Cascade Lake Refresh offers an average of 36% more performance than the previous generation.

Advanced Clustering Technologies is an Intel HPC Data Center Specialist and Platinum Partner with nearly 20 years of experience building custom, turn-key HPC solutions. “We encourage everyone to contact us today to learn more about how this next generation of processors can help you meet the demands of your computational research needs,” Sheumaker said.

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