Podcast: Taking a Look at HPC-as-a-Service

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In this SpotlightON podcast, Robert Stober from Bright Computing is joined by Adnan Khaleel, Global Sales Strategist for HPC, AI and Deep Learning at Dell Technologies. Together, they discuss the subject of HPC as a service: What it means, how it is different from traditional HPC, and what the benefits are.

So when we talk about HPC as a service, we are describing a specific thing. And it’s really not about the generic high-performance for applications. Instead, we’re talking about a specific set of workloads such as you typically see in engineering and the sciences and research. These are highly parallel technical applications that are used to solve a variety of difficult technical problems. HPC as a service is a method of providing multiple tenants with access to HPC resources without them having to buy and manage their own physical servers or data centers.

There are a number of elements that define HPC-as-a-service. The first one is multi-tenant. So in this case, let’s say there are multiple independent users that are using the cluster or need to use the cluster. And, and I think that’s why people think that high performance computing as a service requires cloud. It doesn’t require public cloud. It’s just that public cloud providers are inherently multi-tenant, right? So I think that’s why people think that cloud is requirement.

In this model, different tenants are using the public cloud. They don’t know anything about each other and they shouldn’t know anything about each other. Like if you and I are both using AWS, you’re not going to know that I’m using it and I’m not going to know that you’re using it. There’s a degree of isolation that separates us. And that’s a good thing. It’s actually one of the things that’s necessary. One of the things that makes HPC as a service necessary.

Adnan Khaleel from Dell Technologies

Adnan Khaleel is Senior Director of Global Sales Strategy at Dell Technologies, where he focuses on worldwide revenue growth strategies of HPC and AI.

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