Exascale Day: Goodyear’s CTO Talks Exascale’s Coming Industrial Design Advantages

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source: Goodyear

It’s Exascale Awareness Week, the lead-up to Exascale Day this Sunday, Oct. 18 (1018), and while we mainly hear about the anticipated benefits of exascale-class computing for scientific discovery, there is also the economic competitiveness motive for exascale as well.

In this video produced by DOE’s Exascale Computing Project (ECP), Goodyear’s Chief Technology Officer Chris Helsel discusses how his company works in part with Sandia National Laboratories to apply advanced computing in product design – supporting the long-standing drive of industrial engineers to cut the time and costs of product design cycles, to use FEA and CAE to minimize expensive physical prototyping, and also the utilization of sensors on intelligent tires to gather product performance data to refine future product models.

Helsel also is a member of ECP’s Industry Council, made up of executives from commercial companies from a range of business sectors. The council’s mission is to provide input into the engineering of exascale systems to ensure they are applicable to the needs of industrial companies that can gain advantage from extreme-scale systems. This is part of the ECP’s charter to develop a “capable exascale” ecosystem.

Other videos about exascale and its expected impacts can be found on the ECP site.