Flow Science Announces FLOW-3D HYDRO CFD for Water & Environmental Industry

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Santa Fe, October 29, 2020 – Flow Science has launched FLOW-3D HYDRO, a CFD modeling solution for the civil and environmental engineering industry. FLOW-3D HYDRO features a water-focused user interface and offers new simulation templates for modeling workflows, as well as expanded training materials geared to civil or environmental engineer.

FLOW-3D HYDRO’s advanced solver developments include mine tailings, multiphase flows and shallow water models. Parallelized for high performance computing and designed for every level of modeling proficiency, FLOW-3D HYDRO puts exceptional simulation capabilities in the hands of the user.

“FLOW-3D HYDRO is the result of listening to our customers and understanding their needs. Building upon years of developing advanced CFD solutions for our water & environmental customers as well as the widespread adoption of our general-CFD FLOW-3D in the civil and environmental engineering industry, we wanted to develop a water-focused interface that would make the software more accessible and relevant to these users,” said Dr. Amir Isfahani, President and CEO of Flow Science. “We’ve seen model setup times as well as setup errors decrease significantly – we think this new product in terms of usability and modeling success is going to be a great asset for water and environmental practitioners.”

Online workshops has been scheduled to introduce the new FLOW-3D HYDRO software with guided, hands-on exercises. Workshop registration includes a 30-day evaluation license so that attendees can explore the software and its capabilities. Registration is at: https://www.flow3d.com/flow3d-hydro-workshop/

FLOW-3D HYDRO will also be available through Flow Science’s expanded Academic Program. University students, researchers and professors can apply for free, short-term licenses for teaching or research at https://www.flow3d.com/academic-program/ or contact hydro@flow3d.com for more information about an expanded Academic Program tailored to FLOW-3D HYDRO.

“We’re super excited to be rolling this new product out to the academic community through
our Academic Program. We’re committed to the next generation and we feel it is important
to give students, researchers and professors the latest in technology so that they can
advance their studies and are better prepared to engineer the future,” said Dr. Isfahani.

source: Flow Science