A Checklist For Artificial Intelligence On Workstations

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Firms of all sizes are leveraging workstations as part of their artificial intelligence (AI) workflows. In the past, many firms relied on highly-scaled servers in data centers or private/public cloud infrastructure to run their AI applications. However, the results of a recent survey commissioned by Dell and executed by Forrester summarized in this white paper, “A Checklist For Artificial Intelligence On Workstations,” have indicated a quarter of firms are actually using workstations today to run core AI business applications and are experiencing the benefits that workstations can offer. Workstations can handle core AI functionality like pre-trained vertical solutions, image and video analysis, data science, and natural language generation. They do so for applications where data security is a priority but where timelines are more flexible, or cost is a greater consideration compared with running these workloads in data centers or in the public cloud.

The survey asked artificial intelligence (AI) and workstation decisions makers in the US to evaluate their organizations’ current and future plans for using workstations to execute AI-related projects (mobile workstations excluded). The study focused on six industries: manufacturing and engineering, energy, media and entertainment, insurance and financial services, hospitality and travel, and healthcare.

Download this white paper, “A Checklist For Artificial Intelligence On Workstations” to read more about how workstations can be used in combination with data centers and/or cloud-based compute resources during the development and training phases of an AI project.