Report: Global 5G Coverage to Grow 253% by 2025

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Data presented by Bankr indicates that the 5G technology global coverage will grow by  253.84 percent in the next five years. By 2025, about 53 percent of the global population at 4.14 billion will have access to the technology.

By 2021, the network coverage will reach an estimated 1.95 billion people representing about 25 percent of the global population. In the next two years, the network will be accessible to 32 percent of the global population at 2.5 billion.

In 2023, 5G network is projected to reach about 39 percent of the global population at 3.05 billion people. By 2024, an estimated 46 percent of the global population at 3.6 billion will be using the network.

The Bankr research highlighted the current state of the global 5G network. According to the research report:

“The over 1 billion access to 5G coverage in 2020 is a culmination of a joint clear consensus on the 5G network by major players in recent years. The coverage is significant however, it is being driven by a select few regions in Asia, the US, and Europe. Other regions are still building the infrastructure to accommodate the technology. Notably, Asia is a current leader in 5G after undergoing a rapid migration in mobile broadband networks and smartphones setting the perfect ground for 5G adoption.”