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Chenbro Unveils Update to Open-Bay Product Line with New Server Chassis Models

Taipei, Taiwan, Feb 23, 2021 – Rackmount server and storage manufacturer, Chenbro (TWSE: 8210), has announced a new line of updates to its open-bay server chassis products.

Joining Chenbro’s existing open-bay products, the new family of chassis includes the RM23800, RM23804, RM24500, and RM24504 SKUs and have been designed to bring them in line with Chenbro’s new modular platform without excluding the needs of customers who still want open-bay products. The SKUs which end in ‘00’ have no HDD cage on the chassis, meaning customers can choose SK storage kits to install on either the ‘-00’ or ‘-04’ models, depending on their needs.

Each of the new models in the series also comes integrated with Chenbro’s unique modular and tool-less techniques, which have been designed to fulfill the different needs of small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and support their growing businesses.

The new lines are a more flexible, cost-effective solution for users who don’t need considerable amounts of HDD storage space, aimed at applications within the retail, banking, government, and the media/entertainment sectors. Additionally, they can be mixed and matched with Chenbro’s Storage Expansion Kit (SK series), if required.

Take, for example, the surveillance application of a retail store or fast-food chain restaurant. In this scenario, the store’s CCTV video footage might only contain a total of 20TB of video footage, so the server system only needs two physical HDDs. Especially since such video footage is likely to be backed up in the cloud or other local storage for security reasons.

The updated open-bay server chassis line boasts a flexible configuration architecture that enables users to customize affordable solutions for growing businesses.

The modified design also means that the new models can offer more than seven different configurations made by Chenbro’s exclusive modular parts, including HDD cages, fan cages, PCI-e riser cages, and rear windows. This also helps to not only reduce production lead time and lower re-investment costs on molds, but gain a greater balance of costs, performance and capacity for both SME and enterprise data centers.

Easy maintenance is essential for IT operators. The updated open-bay server chassis offers exactly that by providing users with a host of simple and quick ways to maintain the chassis. Taking advantage of Chenbro’s unique tool-less 2.5″ and 3.5″ HDD trays, IT operators can save up to 80% of HDD installation time via two simple steps, that is: “slide-in” and “push down” HDDs.

Offering built-in hot-swap fans, tool-less PCI-e riser cages, and hot-swap CRPS, the new open-bay server chassis line provides worry-free maintenance while reducing operational expenditure, easily and without the added costs.

The fresh open-bay server chassis has been designed with high-performance systems in mind. This means it is able to support all kinds of demanding applications, including file sharing and storing, backup and disaster recovery, and a whole host of other general operations.

With a built-in 12Gb/s Mini-SAS HD backplane, the RM245 Series has the ability to provide powerful disk I/O performance to help SMEs deal with large-scale and complex workloads, daily. The series is also equipped with three hot-swap fans and smart fan control on the backplane. These work to create a precise balance of air intake and system performance.

These updated designs also fulfill the thermal requirements of the latest Intel Purley platform.

Chenbro’s new open-bay server chassis updates are available now through Chenbro offices and partners. Chenbro is dedicated to supporting global System Integrators through its wide network of distribution partners in North America, Europe, and Asia, or it can directly support larger orders.

More detail on the RM238 and RM245 series product line is available on the Chenbro website.

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