XTREME-D Launches First Server Product, AXXE-L One

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Tokyo — June 24, 2021 – Award-winning Platform as a Service Provider XTREME-D Inc. today announced the launch of AXXE-L One, the company’s first server product. The appliance comes with AXXE-L by XTREME-D pre-installed, providing the key components required to run HPC / AI workloads out-of-the-box.

AXXE-L by XTREME-D is HPC System Software as a Service, a framework that supports both on-premise and cloud HPC environments and allows users to run a wide variety of workloads using the same process, regardless of environment. AXXE-L’s browser-based management GUI provides easy access to a high-speed computational environment that is simple to configure without deep HPC expertise.

XTREME-D has always focused on providing customers with a total infrastructure solution, and AXXE-L One advances this mission by providing support from system software to hardware. AXXE-L One is offered in two flavors, as an appliance — AXXE-L One for Compute, a server for compute nodes — and as an all-in-one solution that combines the appliance with the rest of the infrastructure required to provide a complete and integrated system, such as login, gateway, and storage.

AXXE-L One for Compute will be available in August as part of XTREME-D’s baremetal high-speed computing environment, a data center managed and operated by XTREME-D. This all-in-one solution will soon be deployed in its customers’ data centers as well. AXXE-L One, which is available now, can be installed either at a customer’s data center or at one of XTREME-D’s data centers, where XTREME-D will manage and operate the customer’s environment on their behalf.

AXXE-L One for Compute was developed on hardware provided by Dell Technologies and employs AMD CPUs that boast high core density and high memory performance, as well as an NVIDIA GPU. The product itself is of the same quality and features the same warranty as standard products provided by these hardware vendors. XTREME-D plans on similar collaborations with other hardware vendors in the future.

“AXXE-L One will allow us to provide our customers with the architectural design and construction know-how that we have gained through the development and operation of our baremetal high-speed computing environment,” said Naoki Shibata, Founder and CEO of XTREME-D. “By providing hardware with AXXE-L already pre-installed, customers can start using it right away, eliminating the complexity and expense of figuring out sizing and system integration. This breakthrough solution allows customers to continuously improve computational performance, for example, by building a hybrid environment.”

XTREME-D also announced that system updates for AXXE-L will be implemented on a quarterly basis. The next such update is scheduled for August and will include web dashboard enhancements such as a new screen design, enhanced password management, support for Fugaku Cloud Platform via JupyerLab, along with multiple platform enhancements like support for Oracle Cloud and AWS ParallelCluster. In addition, the update will focus on enhancing features required for enterprise AXXE-L deployments, including faster connection speeds, enhanced security measures, and additional audit log functionality.

AXXE-L One is currently available for purchase through XTREME-D’s sales partners. Learn more in the insideHPC ISC video interview here.

AXXE-L One is a hardware product consisting of various nodes, such as compute and storage, which are optimized for HPC / AI job processing. AXXE-L One for Compute, a server for compute nodes, is preloaded with AXXE-L software, which contains the various components necessary to execute computational processing for HPC / AI, and can be used immediately after it’s installed. AXXE-L One for Compute includes:
• AMD’s latest CPU, EPYC 7003 series processor
o Maximum of 128-core and 1TB main memory per node
o BIOS pre-configured for AXXE-L and can instantly be used
• NVIDIA GPUs (A100, V100, T4)
• Mellanox (NVIDIA Networking) InfiniBand
• Can mount on 19” racks (1U or 2U)
• Onsite hardware warranty provided by Dell

XTREME-D Inc. was established in February 2015 with headquarters in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan and
offices in San Mateo, California, USA. The award-winning, VC-funded company offers an HPC System
Software as a Service framework called AXXE-L by XTREME-D, which supports both on-premise and
cloud HPC environments and allows users to run all HPC jobs using the same process, regardless of
environment. XTREME-D’s leadership team averages 20 years of experience as HPC cloud architects and
technologists. Their vision is to bring easy and cost-effective on-demand HPC /AI access to all, through
innovative platform solutions. For more information visit https://xtreme-d.net