@HPCpodcast: 2021 – What a Year!

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It’s been a fascinating year for the HPC industry – but then, so is every year, right?  In this special year-end episode of the @HPCpodcast, we discuss the highs and lows, the big trends and the major news events of 2021 – and what we should look for in 2022.

Among the topics touched on: COVID and HPC, the first exascale systems, the challenges of supercomputing software, the solidifying HPC-AI convergence, the broadening array of chip architectures, cloud HPC, diversity in HPC, high performance storage and interconnects. We also look at big industry developments, such as Pat Gelsinger taking over at Intel and M&A activity – starting with NVIDIA’s attempted acquisition of Arm Ltd.

You can find our podcasts, featuring Shahin Khan, technology analyst at OrionX.net consulting firm, and Doug Black, editor-in-chief of insideHPC, on insideHPC and at on our @HPCpodcast Twitter page. Here’s the RSS feed:  http://orionx.net/category/audio-podcast/feed

We welcome your suggestions for special topics and guest commentators. Feel free to contact Doug or Shahin.