@HPCpodcast: The Potboiler HPC Chip Business

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At Intel’s recent analyst day, the company announced a dual-track data center server chip strategy and observed the first anniversary, roughly speaking, of Pat Gelsinger’s return to Intel as CEO. These and other developments are taken up by Shahin and Doug in this @HPCpodcast episode, along with the recognition by major geopolitical players that chips are engines of economic growth and national competitiveness.

Along with Gelsinger’s push to renew Intel’s technology vigor, we also look at AMD’s and Nvidia’s emerging leadership at the high end of supercomputing, as revealed by the latest Top500 list, AMD’s rapidly growing share (at Intel’s expense) of the data center server CPU market and the HPC industry’s somewhat surprising willingness to switch from one chip supplier (Intel) to another (AMD) — even one with AMD’s boom-and-bust track record.

It’s a chip industry that in five years has altered profoundly from Intel’s unilateral dominance. The new, multilateral landscape delivers an endless source of innovation, rapid change and drama. Can Intel regain technology leadership? Can AMD and Nvidia — in partnership with TSMC — continue to executive at such high levels? With all three leading players offering CPUs and GPUs, how will it all shake out? Competition is good; intense competition is even better.

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