@HPCpodcast: Argonne’s Rick Stevens on AI for Science (Part 2) – Coming Breakthroughs, Ethics and the Replacement of Scientists by Robots

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In part 2 of our not-to-be-missed @HPCpodcast with Argonne National Laboratory Associate Director Rick Stevens, he discusses some of the important advances that had, by 2015, likely ended the cycle of AI for science winters. He also delves into the major challenges in AI for science, such as building models that are transparent and unbiased while also robust and secure.

And Stevens looks at important upcoming AI for science breakthrough use cases, including the welcome news – for researchers beset by mountains of scientific papers – of utilizing large natural language modeling to ingest and collate existing knowledge of a scientific problem, enabling analysis of the literature that, Stevens said, goes well beyond a Google search.

Also discussed: the concern among some scientists that they will be replaced by AI-driven robotic factories handling tasks such as software coding. The response: “AI isn’t going to replace scientists, but scientists who use AI are likely to replace those who don’t.”

By the way, part 1 of our conversations with Stevens is here.

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  1. I really enjoyed the series. Great Podcast, as always!