At ISC: Dion Harris on NVIDIA’S HPC/AI and Quantum Strategies; LANL’s Upcoming ‘Venado’ 10 Exaflops HPC/AI System; and GPU Distinctions

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We spoke at ISC 2022 with NVIDIA’s Head of Technical Marketing for HPC/AI and Quantum Dion Harris across a range of topics, including:

  • The 10 exaflop (AI performance) “Venado” supercomputer to be installed at Los Alamos National Laboratory and powered by NVIDIA Grace and Grace Hopper processors. The machine reflects the company’s HPC + AI strategy – “This isn’t a FLOPS machine, it’s built to advance real science” and is a legitimate HPC system combined with an AI supercomputer, Harris said.
  • Discussion of the Grace Arm CPU and Grace Hopper CPU-GPU “superchip” utilizing NVIDIA NVLink-C2C (chip-to-chip) interconnect, allowing NVIDIA GPUs, DPUs and CPUs to be coherently interconnected with custom silicon.
  • NVIDIA’s move into quantum computing, including integration with major quantum frameworks.
  • How NVIDIA GPUs stack up against the GPU competition.