Supercharging Modern Data Centers with NVIDIA Networking Solutions

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It’s common to find modern applications slowed down 50% by poorly performing commodity network fabrics. AI and Big Data workloads require advanced virtualization and simulation capabilities at scale while maintaining the high-performance characteristics of low latency, high throughput, and high bandwidth. You don’t need to be a hyperscaler to benefit from a network with flexibility and agility while supporting exponential growth and ever-increasing performance requirements.

The key to the performance of modern data center infrastructure is in the network fabric, from the DPUs to the switches.

In this webinar, you will learn the benefits, functionalities, and key features of Accelerated Ethernet technology by NVIDIA Spectrum and how it delivers end-to-end innovations and synergies to optimize modern applications from core to cloud to edge. NVIDIA Spectrum is the Ethernet fabric for high performance computing and AI applications optimized to accelerate NVIDIA AI solutions with a complete end to end portfolio including the Spectrum switch, BlueField DPU with DOCA, and ConnectX SmartNICs.


  • What is Accelerated Ethernet and how it optimizes modern applications
  • Deep dive on the NVIDIA Spectrum Ethernet Switch Platform
  • How to maximize AI and HPC Applications with NVIDIA Spectrum
  • Automate, customize, and scale faster and easier through open Linux-based Cumulus NOS
  • Network simulation at scale through NVIDIA Air
  • How to add network monitoring, troubleshooting, and data aggregation through NetQ


Join David Iles, NVIDIA’s Senior Director of Ethernet Switching and Nicolas Sagnes, Data Center Networking Product Manager at PNY for this 30-minute informative webinar which will include a live Q&A session. 

Date: October 27, 2022

Time: 9AM PST/12PM EST

Duration: 30 minutes + LIVE Q&A