HPE DoD Webinar April 27: Bringing Exascale HPC to the Masses

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There will be an HPE DoD webinar on Thursday, April 27 from 2-3 pm ET entitled “Bringing Exascale to the Masses.” The speaker will be Steve Heibein, public sector AI chief technologist, HPE. For registration information, go here.

This webinar will present the latest hardware platforms bringing exascale features to rack-scale, server-scale and the tactical edge.

“Today’s most significant problems need more computing to solve, but the cost and complexity of supercomputing are challenging for many government organizations,” HPE said. “While HPE is helping the government build out the world’s fastest exascale servers, the military and research communities also need massive computing power for AI where the data is at the edge.”

The computing power of what once could fill a basketball court is now available in the size of a large toolbox running on a single 110V wall outlet, HPE said. Accelerators like GPUs and FPGAs are game changers for AI and HPC workloads.

During this webinar, you can expect to learn about:

  • Solutions for delivering AI at scale
  • New hardware advances in acceleration
  • How the right software can reduce ML model training time by 10X
  • How the US Department of Energy solves the world’s grand challenges
  • Supercomputing at the tactical edge, optimized for size, weight, and power (SWaP)