Cornelis Partners with Penguin and Panasas on New HPC-AI Reference Design

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WAYNE, PA. — August 22, 2023 – Cornelis Networks, a provider of high-performance networking solutions for data-intensive technical computing (HPC and AI) applications, today announced a partnership with Penguin Solutions, a provider of HPC, AI, and IoT technologies and services; and Panasas, a provider of HPC and AI storage solutions.

The three companies have come together to define and test a reference design of Penguin Computing’s Altus servers running Scyld ClusterWare and Panasas ActiveStor storage appliances connected with the Cornelis Networks Omni-Path Express fabric developing an HPC solution that saves customers both time and money.

The results of the testing demonstrate that the Cornelis Omni-Path Gateway solution is a highly efficient and cost-effective alternative to direct connected Panasas storage in data centers with existing file system storage using Ethernet in the back-end. Industry standard HPC application benchmarks spanning climate/weather modeling, computational fluid dynamics for manufacturing, and molecular dynamics simulations in life sciences have been conducted and documented. The performance benchmarks, including the distributed storage benchmark called ‘elbencho’, and the HPC-application benchmarks representing different scientific verticals, consistently met or exceeded expected application performance between the Omni-Path Gateway mode and legacy architecture.

cloud computing“Together with our partners at Penguin Solutions and Panasas, we are pleased to offer both existing and new customers a cutting edge HPC solution,” said Brad Fryer,  VP of Technical Partner Management at Cornelis Networks. “Working with our partners, we were able to deliver a scalable, innovative, and budget conscious HPC solution.”

“The combination of Penguin’s Altus servers used together with Panasas ActiveStor and the Cornelis Omni-Path Express fabric have clearly demonstrated what a viable alternative to Ethernet looks like,” said Phil Pokorny, Chief Technology Officer at Penguin Solutions. “Working with the expert teams at our partners Cornelis Networks and Panasas, we’re excited to offer customers a Scyld ClusterWare-supported solution that saves them time and money while competing one-on-one with Ethernet.”

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Cornelis Networks and Penguin Solutions on a modern HPC solution that addresses the complex needs of our customers,” stated Jeff Whitaker, VP of Product Strategy and Marketing at Panasas. “This partnership reflects our commitment to providing the best data management and storage solutions for today’s evolving HPC and AI workflows.”

The Cornelis Omni-Path Gateway solution proves to be a valuable addition to data centers, offering seamless integration with existing storage systems and delivering high-performance networking capabilities. The joint technology testing between Cornelis Networks, Penguin Solutions and Panasas adds significant value to the overall delivery and management-as-a-service capability. With its demonstrated performance and cost-saving advantages, it presents a practical solution for optimizing data center infrastructure and enabling efficient data processing and storage in a variety of scientific and computational domains.

For more information on Cornelis Networks, Penguin Solutions and Panasas read the joint solution brief.