Dell Teams with NVIDIA on GenAI

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machine intelligence

Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL) announced today it is partnering with NVIDIA and its Tensor Core GPUs — including the coveted  H100 — to expand its generative AI portfolio for public cloud, on-premises and edge environments.

The company said its Dell Validated Design for Generative AI with NVIDIA for Model Customization offers pre-trained models that extract intelligence from data without building models from scratch.

“This solution provides best practices for customizing and fine-tuning GenAI models based on desired outcomes while keeping information secure and on-premises,” Dell said in its announcement. “With a scalable blueprint for customization, organizations now have multiple ways to tailor GenAI models to accomplish specific tasks with their proprietary data. Its modular and flexible design supports a wide range of computational requirements and use cases, spanning training diffusion, transfer learning and prompt tuning.

The offering supports both model tuning and inferencing and is designed to allow users to quickly deploy GenAI models with infrastructure including the Dell PowerEdge XE9680, or the Dell PowerEdge XE8640, with a choice of NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs and NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, which offers frameworks, pre-trained models and development tools, such as the NVIDIA NeMo framework, and Dell software.

“By combining compute power with storage options, such as Dell PowerScale and Dell ObjectScale, customers can rapidly feed models with multiple storage data types with the validated design,” the company said. The infrastructure is also available as a subscription via Dell APEX.

“We’re implementing Dell PowerEdge XE9680 servers with NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs into the high performance computing cluster at Princeton for large language modeling to help drive new levels of discovery,” said Sanjeev Arora, the Charles C. Fitzmorris Professor in Computer Science, Princeton. “This system gives researchers in natural sciences, engineering, social sciences and humanities the opportunity to apply powerful AI models to their work in areas such as visualization, modeling and quantum computing.”

Dell said its offering is backed by services that include:

  • Data Preparation Services are designed to provide customers with accurate data sets in the right formats while simplifying data integration and delivering quality data output.
  • Dell Implementation Services are designed to establish an operational GenAI platform for inferencing and model customization. Paired with Dell Managed Services, Dell can operate the full NVIDIA-based GenAI solution, improving operational efficiency and allowing customers to focus on building their proprietary GenAI use cases.
  • Education Services help customers acquire skills to close the GenAI capabilities gap.

“Our recent study on generative AI use in the enterprise made it clear organizations are adamant about being able to use their own data to customize key foundation models, but also they need assistance in helping prep their data for that work,” said Bob O’Donnell, president and chief analyst, TECHnalysis Research. “Dell’s latest Generative AI solutions and partnerships offer a broad set of capabilities that help companies capitalize on this potential, bridging knowledge gaps and ensuring data drives discernible, impactful business results.”

Dell and Starburst, a maker of analytics software, are partnering to help customers accelerate AI and analytics efforts, including an open data lakehouse solution.

The solution will integrate Starburst software with Dell’s PowerEdge platform and Dell storage to help customers extract insights from data. Built with open software principles, customers will gain access to multicloud data for analytics and AI-driven workflows and deployments.

“Our customers have made it clear they need a robust data platform for accessing distributed data across multicloud environments to drive and operationalize AI efforts,” said Justin Borgman, CEO, Starburst. “By integrating our deep analytics capabilities with Dell’s leading infrastructure and global enterprise services, we can offer customers an open, multicloud data lakehouse solution that quickly and easily makes data available to AI workflows anywhere.”

Availability: Dell said model customization for its Validated Design for Generative AI is available globally through traditional channels and Dell APEX starting late October. Dell Professional Services for Generative AI are available in select countries starting late October. The Dell data lakehouse solution with Starburst has planned global availability in the first half of 2024.