Exascale Drives Industry Innovation for a Better Future

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“Exascale is a massive accelerator for technology, productivity, engineering, and science.”

Outside the high-performance computing (HPC) community, “exascale” may seem more like fodder for science fiction than a powerful tool for scientific research. Yet, when seen through the lens of real-world applications, exascale computing goes from ethereal concept to tangible reality with exceptional benefits. Imagine a future with an uninterrupted availability of energy resources—providing affordable, reliable power across the country and sustainable energy practices around the globe. Imagine more effective treatments for debilitating, and even deadly, diseases. Imagine innovative aerospace technologies that operate much more efficiently, consume less fuel, and reduce carbon and other emissions. Exascale computing can help accelerate realization of these ambitious goals.

Over the last seven years, the US Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Exascale Computing Project (ECP) has been bringing together multidisciplinary teams of computational experts to advance next-generation computing architectures and revolutionize scientific simulation. One of the hallmarks of ECP has been the collaboration with industry partners, who have helped promote exascale research and development and the successful integration of software technologies, applications, and hardware to deliver a fully capable exascale ecosystem. For industry partners, exascale capability opens pathways to explore promising new technologies and products and accelerate time to commercialization. Dave Kepczynski, chief information officer for GE Research and co-chair of ECP’s Industry and Agency Council, says, “Exascale is a massive accelerator for technology, productivity, engineering, and science.”

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source: Exascale Computing Project